Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide - Item & Skill Build

crystal maiden dota 2Before I start this Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Guide I want to say that this is one of the most popular support heroes from this the game. Crystal Maiden has great crowd control abilities along with a map wide mana regeneration aura that is great for almost any hero. She also can make great damage in team fights if she manage to channel her ultimate successfully, without being interrupted. In early game she totally rocks because she can support, gank and harass, all in the same time. While playing Crystal Maiden you can make a difference in early game as well in late game because you can slow and immobilize enemy carry heroes. Keep in mind that she is not one of those intellect heroes that just lose their importance in late game.

Dota 2 Skill Build for Crystal Maiden:

If you want to play more as a support hero from the start, max your Arcane Aura first with one level in Crystal Nova and one level at Frostbite at levels one and two. After that, max your Frostbite first and then Crystal Nova. You should put skills in your ultimate at level 10, 11 and 16. If you want to play more offensive you should max out first Crystal Nova and Frostbite with one point at Arcane Aura. Bellow you can see an offensive build for Crystal Maiden:

1. Frostbite
2. Crystal Nova
3. Crystal Nova
4. Arcane Aura
5. Crystal Nova
6. Frostbite
7. Crystal Nova
8. Frostbite
9. Frostbite
10. Freezing Field
11. Freezing Field
12. Arcane Aura
13. Arcane Aura
14. Arcane Aura
15. Stats
16. Freezing Field
17-25. Stats

Crystal Maiden Item Build in Dota 2:

Starting items for Crystal Maiden in Dota 2 are wards plus health and mana potions. After that go for boots and more wards. When you have money upgrade the boots to Power Threads or Tranquil Boots. In mid game go for Mekasm or Force Staff. Be aware that you need to buy wards all the time because is more important that your item build. In late game go for Black King Bar or Blink to cast your ultimate more easily.

Gameplay an laning strategy for Cyrstal Maiden in Dota 2:

I'll continue this Dota 2 Crystal Maiden guide by saying that your Crystal Nova and Frostbite are really powerful, especially in early game. Start with a Nova to slow both enemies, then before the slow wears off cast Frostbite. Crystal Maiden can harass very well in the laning phase and in combination with a hero like Juggernaut for example, she can make a deadly combo (usually first blood). In the mid and late stages of the game make use of your slow abilities, cast successful ultimates because you can do ridiculous amount of damage and don;t forget to ward all the time. If you have to choose between wards and making a good items, go for wards!

Crystal Maiden video guide by Dotacinema:

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