Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pyromancer HON Guide - Item, skill builds

Important details about the Pyromancer hero in Hon:

Attack element: Fire
Attack type: Ranged
Hero type: INT (Intelligence)
Dota name: Lina Inverse - The Slayer


1. Phoenix Wave: Pyromancer sends forth a phoenix that damages enemies in a line.
2. Dragonfire:  Pyromancer conjures a mighty elemental fire dragon at a target location, damaging and stunning enemies in an area.
3. Fervor:  Learning to control the fire within, Pyromancer increases his cast, attack, and movement speed after casting while at the same time catching anything he hits with spells or attacks on fire for a short time.
4. Blazing Strike: Using power granted from Sol, Pyromancer hurls a blazing hot fireball at a target enemy, dealing massive damage.

Pyromancer Hon Guide:

Pyromancer in Heroes of Newerth is quite easy to play, you don't need much experience for this hero. The skills are simple and the fact that it has range attack makes your job easier. Pyromancer is excellent in the beginning of the game and if you make items it's pretty good in the end also.

How to play Pyromancer in HON:

In the beginning of the game, choose a lane and farm as much as possible. As any other hero, you need gold to evolve and make powerful items. When you have the possibility, try to play aggressive hitting your enemies from range. Also, you have a nice stun but try not to miss. There's a small delay until the spell is casted, but this only applies to the Dragonfire skill. At higher levels, when you won't be able to still farm on lanes, you can easily farm in woods.

Items build for Pyromancer:

In the beginning, make Striders as shoes, because you'll need some speed and after maybe a Bracer for some HP. If you have more money, you can go directly for Staff of the master, but if not, a bracer won't hurt.
As I said, you can try to make Staff of the master and the first thing you have to purchase is the Glow Stone, then the others. When you have Staff of the master, your ultimate's power will increase considerably.

Because Pyromancer is a spellcaster, you could also try to make Spellshards and when you have money to upgrade them. When you have Spellshards, your skills damage will increase, and as you level up the item, you will do huge damage. This items will cost you a lot of gold, so farm and hunt your enemies when your ultimate is up. Find targets with lower HP and hit them first so you can be sure you will kill them!

Pyromancer skills build:

For those who don't really know what skills to upgrade and when, I think it's nice that you decided to read a skill build guide for Pyromancer hero in Hon. This is how you should set your skills as your level raises:

Level         Skills
  1          Dragonfire
  2          Phoenix Wave
  3          Phoenix Wave
  4          Fervor
  5          Phoenix Wave
  6          Blazing Strike
  7          Phoenix Wave
  8          Fervor
  9          Fervor
  10        Fervor
  11        Blazing Strike
  12        Dragonfire
  13        Dragonfire
  14        Dragonfire
  15        Stats
  16        Blazing Strike
  17-25   Stats


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